[mythtv-users] HDTV Recommendations

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 18:34:03 EDT 2004

At 22:04 22/09/2004, you wrote:
>OK, tell me I'm crazy. I want to record OTA HD content and play it back on 
>my HD screen. I want to be able to burn DVDs. What should I be looking for?
>I see the pchdtv is recommended. It appears the 2K is no longer available 
>and pre-orders for the 3K were supposed to start up today. Anything else?
>Output devices. I see Nvidia is recommended. I'm disappointed. I don't 
>like their binary driver policy. How about the Ati All-in-Wonder 9600? Is 
>there decent support for that? Anything else with component outputs? (No 
>DVI on my HD monitor - component only)

Decent support for the ATI is again only available for binary drivers, and 
(to be frank) the ATI Linux drivers are rather limited and a pain to 
install from what I've heard (YMMV). The reason that nVidia's are 
recommended is because of the excellent support they have for XvMC, which 
throws most of the decoding onto the graphics card. I'm not sure if ATI 
support this. A low-end FX5200 would get my vote. TV-Out is meant to be of 
good quality, but I doubt if it would compare to a direct VGA connection.

>Assume that my budget is substancial. What should I be looking at?

Server-esque backend with as many HDTV cards and hard drives as you can 
squeeze into it (HDTV files will be biiiiiiig), pretty frontend(s) with a 
fairly beefy CPU and nVidia GFX card (possibly network booting) connected 
to the backend via 100Mb ethernet. 

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