[mythtv-users] LiveTV channel not changing

Todd Tidwell artist at wildstar.net
Wed Sep 22 18:02:41 EDT 2004

A little more on this:

Evidently I was wrong about what order things occurred.  When Tuner 1 began
recording its show, it never changed the channel.

So, what it appears to be, and I have re-created this 3 times now by simply
rebooting my machine.  At that point Tuner 1 seems to have no set channel.
If I restart MythBackend after the machine is booted, things work fine

It sounds like, and this is just a guess, that when mythbackend starts it
probes the tuner card for a current channel but cannot get one because the
IVTV module is initiating. (mythbackend seems to be what causes the module
to load so it stands to reason it might be that its not totally initiated
when mythbackend gets a channel).  Of course, this is all assuming that
mythbackend does a channel probe of some sort.


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I assume this survives a reboot?

Tom E. Craddock. Jr.

Todd Tidwell wrote:

> I'm experiencing some odd behavior with watching live tv.
> Here's what seems to have happened:
> 1) Tuner 1 began recording of a show
> 2) I watched live TV on tuner 2 and tuned to a channel number that is 
> **not** present on Tuner 1 (I was on 160 on tuner 2, tuner 1 only has 87)
> 3) I exited live TV and looked at what was recording. It sucked so I 
> deleted the recording
> 4) I went back to live TV. However, since Tuner 1 was now free, it 
> went there.
> 5) Now I cannot change the channel. It seems to be stuck on the 
> channel it was previously recording on, but the OSD shows **NO** 
> information and typing in a channel number does no good. It pauses as 
> if changing, but goes no where. Up/Down arrows do the same.
> 6) If I change to Tuner 2, I can change channels and browse fine.
> 7) If I switch back to Tuner 1, I am still stuck
> Anyone have **any** ideas what might cause this?
> -Todd
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