[mythtv-users] No channels in the Channel editor

Michelle Moss michelle.moss at iinet.net.au
Wed Sep 22 17:30:24 EDT 2004

Christoffer Kj°lbŠk wrote:
> ons, 2004-09-22 kl. 03:48 skrev Brian LeFevre:
>>Christoffer Kj°lbŠk wrote:
>>>When I have picked the tv_grabber in Video Sources, and ran it in the
>>>prompt, I assign the source to my tv tuner, and go into the Channel
>>>Editor, which is empty. Efter running mythfilldatabase, it is still
>>>empty. How to I get the channels into the list?
>>that will update after mythfilldatabase is run
> Even though I run mythfilldatabase, the Channel Editor is empty?
> mythfilldatabase stops with alot af these message:
> Skipping channel.
> Unknown xmltv channel identifier: 101.tv.tv2.dk
> Skipping channel.
> Unknown xmltv channel identifier: 109.tv.tv2.dk
> Skipping channel.

Did you run mythfilldatabase --manual first? I think you need to do that 
to fill in the channel info...


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