[mythtv-users] Build myth modules without installing mythtv

Ben Brown mythtv at idiotsabound.com
Wed Sep 22 16:26:55 EDT 2004

> Here is a script I cobbled together to do a complete build of 
> Myth & all plugins, and install it to a stow directory.  Use 
> at your own risk!
> -JAC

I've actually got a similar script that will checkout from cvs and build the
modules.  Mine only downloads and builds whatever modules you've already
checked out.  I've attached it as long as folks don't laugh and agree to not
hold me accountable for anything that happens when they use it.  Shell
scripting is not my forte.  Anyway thanks for the suggestion of stow, it
looks like it is just what the doctor ordered. I'll integrate it into my
script and see how it works.


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