[mythtv-users] Peer-to-peer commercial skipping

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Wed Sep 22 13:50:07 EDT 2004

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:12:23 -0400 (EDT), Chris Pinkham
<cpinkham at bc2va.org> wrote:
--snip unrelated stuff--

This might take a while to seem relevant. I'm not entirely sure that it is.

Recently I have noticed that my brand new Athlon64 3500+ is sitting
completely unused for 90% of the day. I'd really like to shift the
commercial detection for Myth over to this machine, but I face a
problem I'm sure many other people do... for one reason or another
(work/wifes college work/games etc) I want to keep windows on that PC,
dual boot is not an option for me right now.

That is not anyone's problem but mine. I'd like to try my hand at
helping out around here though, and I was trying to think of the best
way to get commercial detection to be able to run on a win32 platform.
Would it be to implement a cut-down back end running in a cygwin
environment, or would it be to implement a new process that just
listens on a port?

I really cant promise much, I've never really programmed much in
anything but Visual Basic... however it pains me to know that my
commercials could be flagged blazingly fast by a machine that is
unused... that is enough to at least motivate me to try.

I know that I saw some progress with regards to a win32 front end, and
at the same time I saw it mentioned that a back end would never be
possible because v4l or v4l2 would be required. Is this still true if
video capture is cut out and/or commercial flagging is the only
service offered through that back end? Would this even welcome in any

I'd love to hear peoples opinions and suggestions on this, but most
especially yours Chris....

Please accept my apologies in advance if this should have been sent to
mythtv-dev ... I deliberated for some time before sending to -users.


Scott Blomfield

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