[mythtv-users] Timeslot scheduling bug?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Sep 21 17:08:12 EDT 2004

Cedric Tefft wrote:

> Is this option working as designed?  Yes, I think we all agree it is, 
> but my question is, could it be made to work better?  Wouldn't it be 
> useful to be able to tell Myth "I want to record the show that will 
> air in this timeslot , even if, if your infinite wisdom, you need to 
> schedule the actual recording for a different time".  Does anybody 
> else agree that this would be a useful feature?

It seems that while a useful suggestion, it is best addressed by the 
"record new episodes only" option discussed earlier in the thread 
combined with the "record at any time" schedule.  Unfortunately it has 
the drawbacks previously noted but those more more upgrade issues that 
won't affect future use. 

Now, for those that don't have this feature available due to grabber 
issues, a toggleable item in the scheduling options for something like 
"Allow recording in alternate timeslots" to prompt the system to search 
for better options for *this timeslot* in other timeslots is interesting.


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