[mythtv-users] AV Sync Problem - nuvexport

Julian Tyler lovely at crm114.net
Fri Sep 10 02:47:15 EDT 2004

I'm trying to export a 4 and half hour program from my pvr to mpeg4 
using nuvexport.

I'm using mythtv 0.15.1 and i have an ivtv 350 card. The program is 
about 8.9 gigs, i'm compressing it down to fit on a dvd for a friend, 
the problem is that after almost 10 hours of encoding, i watch it and 
after about 2 hours i started getting audio video sync problems. (Using 
cutlists, and vbr -q 2 on ffmpeg)

Two things i've noticed
	1. Everything apart from vlc (videolan) client, thinks the movie is 
only 1:30 hours long, which oddly enough is where i think the movie was 
turned from a mini series into a movie. (mplayer, quicktime, window 
media player)
	2. There a few points in the divx that sort of stutter, for about 1/2 
sec, i think these might be accumulating until you get a noticeable out 
of sync video audio problem.

So any ideas would very helpful. I don't know were to start, ffmpeg, 

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