[mythtv-users] 2nd Card Opinions

Thomas M. Pluth tpluth at surewest.net
Tue Sep 21 10:40:39 EDT 2004

I'd go for a PVR-250.

 I found a PVR-250MCE for $79 at American Design Components and bought 2 of
them.  Do a little googling and see if you can find a similar deal somewhere
else.  They do come up from time to time.  Also, watch some of the other
HTPC forums.  If a deal comes up, someone will post it.

  You could also look for a used Avermedia M179.  I have one, but haven't
had too much luck with it, but I think it's a driver issue and I've been
using the latest ck drives, which sometimes break things.  I haven't tried
it in a while, so it might be fixed now.

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Well it finally happened.  I bumped up the priority for Monday Night
Football, and it got the wife upset that her shows didn't record during the
same timeslot.  Because of this I now have the greenlight to put in a 2nd
capture card so that we can record two shows at once (plus watch live TV
while recording).  I currently own a PVR350, and I'm wondering what people
think is a good lowcost capture card to go with it.  I was thinking about
the WinTV Go, but see from reading the archives that the newer chipset
versions aren't well supported.  

I'd love to keep this new card in the $50-$60 so that kinda removes the
PVR250 from the mix unless I potentially get lucky on EBay or something.
Ideally I would like the same capture quality as the PVR350 and onboard
capture hardware encoding.  Also, I'm hoping that whatever I get plays
nicely with the PVR350.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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