[mythtv-users] Card PVR250/350 alternative

Prash prashk at staff.btltd.net
Tue Sep 21 05:54:12 EDT 2004

Whoops - my bad. Apols Jarod.

> Okay, I inform someone to not start a new thread by replying to another
> one,
> and then someone else (that would be you, Prash), goes and replies to an
> already-mis-threaded message two down the threading chain from my
> admonishment and does exactly the same thing. So now we have one thread
> that
> contains three completely separate subjects in it. Please, people, create
> a
> new email for a new thread. It isn't that much to ask, nor is it all that
> difficult.
> On Tuesday 21 September 2004 00:12, Prash wrote:
>> Hi People,
>> Since PVR 250/350 have no autoscanning feature available - I'm looking
>> for
>> an alternative. Can anyone recommend one? I've heard about brooktree -
>> what brand and model should I be looking for?
> Have you already searched the mailing list archive, read the MythTV docs,
> visited the oracle of google and pvrhw.goldfish.org? If not, please go do
> so.
> Just about any bt8x8 card supported by the bttv driver is fine.
>> Will ivtv drivers work with brroktree or do I need to get a driver from
>> somewhere else?
> Please Read The Fine Manual(s). And the README(s). And the ivtv wiki. And
> visit google again.
> No, the ivtv driver does not support brooktree chipsets. That should be
> pretty
> obvious from a quick look at the ivtv documentation. Seriously.
>> I quite like the PVR250/350 quality but since xawtv or any
>> other software do not scan channels with PVRs and I want to build an
>> interface to iron out some rough spots on myth like the grabber (where
>> you
>> have to switch between commandline and gui) and add a channel scanning
>> feature which will automatically populate the database.
> Whatever floats your boat.
>> Thanks in advance.
> You're welcome. Now please read the first link in my sig and try not to
> ask
> questions you should be able to figure out on your own. And don't reply to
> another message to start a new thread. (Yes, I'm cranky, it's late).
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