[mythtv-users] Card PVR250/350 alternative

Jon Waite jon at jonwaite.com
Tue Sep 21 05:17:43 EDT 2004

> Will ivtv drivers work with brroktree or do I need to get a 
> driver from somewhere else? I quite like the PVR250/350 
> quality but since xawtv or any other software do not scan 
> channels with PVRs and I want to build an interface to iron 

What's wrong with using scantv from the xawtv package ? Works fine with my
PVR-350 using ivtv ck100z. Ok, so you can't use xawtv with the PVR cards,
but it doesn't stop you using scantv while watching the card output (mplayer
/dev/video0 works fine for this).

Also, test_ioctl (or ivtvctl in later versions) lets you manually set a
frequency, easy enough to write a script to cycle through them and check the
output of ivtvctl -I to see when you're close to a channel.

Also, ptune.pl (again from the ivtv utils), allows you to set a frequency
manually with the -F parameter.

I fail to see what you're missing (apart from maybe Reading TFM).

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