[mythtv-users] regular freezes

Lorand Szollosi lorro at lorro.wigner.bme.hu
Mon Sep 20 20:39:45 EDT 2004


I don't thing it's normal.. After installing
MythTV .16 from Debian via apt-build on my
Duron 900 box, freeze count increased radically.
Before the upgrade it used to freeze once / twice
a day; now it's about once in an hour, which
renders it unenjoyable. Note that only LiveTV
produces this, not playing back recordings or
even recording while not watching tv.
Please help me.

System: Duron, -march=k6-2 -mcpu=k6-2
	(-O3 specified, but - according to the build
	sequence I've seen - it's probably not used).
Mem: 256 MB
Video: SiS 630
Version: .16
Kernel version: Linux 2.6.5
Root: nfs
Recordings: nfs


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