[mythtv-users] Re: anyone attempt mythfrontend on Cygwin?

Joel Anderson bitjunkie at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 18:42:53 EDT 2004

> >Hi,
> >
> >it can't find the mythavcodec library ...
> >
> >Maybe it has to have a "cyg" prefix as the cygmythavformat library it is
> >trying to link ? (Just a wild guess !).
> >
> >Try doing the make in the subdirs manually to track down what goes and
> >what not.
> >
> >In general I was wondering: How does the Video output stuff work on Win32
> >? Is there a DirectX driver for MythTV ?
> >
> >BTW, I am also most interested to see a Win32 mythfrontend to watch TV on
> >my Windows notebook in the bedroom :-)
> >
> >Regards,
> >Schlomo
> >
> Have you given any thought to running KnoppMyth from a CD?  You can boot
> your laptop from the CD and run it as a frontend without any hard drive
> installation.  Don't get me wrong, I want to see mythfrontend compile
> under Cygwin as well.  I just though that this might be helpful towards
> your ultimate goal.  At the very least, it may suffice until you can get
> mythfrontend to compile.
> http://mysettopbox.tv/
> -Ben : )

Sorry, I should read before I reply to posts.  After I replied I
realized that you weren't talking to me.  Maybe I can blame this new
gmail account, not used to the way it displays discussions yet.  ;-)

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