[mythtv-users] X Server @ 99% CPU after upgrade to 0.16

rick schultz rick.schultz at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 15:32:02 EDT 2004

On Sat, 18 Sep 2004 03:04:13 -0700, Douglas Beck <beckd at dig-concepts.com> wrote:
> I did an apt-get install mythtv-suite and now for some reason my
> machine is crippled by the X process shooting up to 99% when watching
> any video or Live TV.

There is a known but poorly understood performance issue with 2.6
kernels, PCI video cards, and the NVidia proprietary drivers.  The
symptoms are exactly as you describe.  It appears to be independent of
the exact versions of both the kernel and the driver.  And it's
reproducible outside of mythtv - the same problems occur with xine and
mplayer (both with -vo xv and -vo x11).

Is this a PCI card?  Were you successfully running the nvidia
proprietary drivers against a 2.6 kernel before the upgrade?


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