[mythtv-users] X Server @ 99% CPU after upgrade to 0.16

Matt Vollmar matt at vollmars.com
Sat Sep 18 08:42:18 EDT 2004

Is Myth all you upgraded?  I had this problem with X in general when I
went to Xorg 6.8.  Something whack with the DRI.  Looked online and
found the same problems, but no solutions yet.  I disabled DRI and all
was happy.  Still don't know if this affects my playback as I only know
enough about X to get it to work most of the time.


On Sat, 2004-09-18 at 03:04 -0700, Douglas Beck wrote:
> Hey, All.  My machine has been purring along for a long time now running 
> 0.15.  I did an apt-get install mythtv-suite and now for some reason my 
> machine is crippled by the X process shooting up to 99% when watching 
> any video or Live TV. 
> Before upgrading to 0.16 via apt-get the X server didn't even register 
> on 'top' as far as I can remember...certainly not more than a few 
> percentage points.
> I'm running FC2, MythTV 0.16, Nvidia mx440 (driver 6111 i believe).  Is 
> there something I don't know about that I need to put in the xorg.conf / 
> X86Config file?
> Version 0.16 rocks :)
> Thanks!
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