[mythtv-users] Fresh FC1 and Myth 0.16 install observations/questions

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Mon Sep 20 09:57:43 EDT 2004

On Monday 20 September 2004 09:24 am, Michael J. Lynch wrote:
> Last weekend I replaced my KnoppMyth install with a fresh install of FC1
> (using Jarod's FC1 guide) and Myth 0.16.  I didn't want to use FC2
> because of problems with Xorg's drivers for my video card that don't
> exist with XFREE86 and I didn't want to go down the road of trying to
> get XFREE running on FC2.   The following are my observations along with
> a couple of questions.
>     1.  Error occuring when creating database.  This is the same error
> that a few other posts have mentioned.  It does not appear to affect
> anything and the database seems to work OK (at least for me).

And that is the same error that I've said 3 times now is absolutely harmless.  

>     2.  Also mentioned in at least one other post, closed captioning has
> transparent instead of black background.  Is this configurable somewhere?


>     4.  With 0.15, playback of recorded shows, my CPU idle time was
> ~%60.  With 0.16, CPU idle time is ~%30 during playback.  I did select
> kernel deint in mythtvsetup, could this account for the large difference
> or is this more likely  a linux distro difference?

You're using a more CPU intensive deinterlacing algorithm, and you're 
wondering why it uses more CPU?

>     5.  I ran mythfrontend from a terminal window and noticed a message
> about a call to "pthread_setpriority" failing because mythfrontend was
> not being run as "suid".  I changed permissions on mythfrontend to suid
> and the message went away.  Could this account for the CPU idle time
> difference above?  Should the front end be run suid or not?  Leaving it
> non-suid didn't seem to make anything bad happen, although it may be
> hard to tell because apparently the only thing it affects is playback
> quality (stutter/jitter).

It doesn't really matter either way.


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