[mythtv-users] Inserting a second pvr into existing setup

Verteiler verteiler at juro.at
Mon Sep 20 04:30:44 EDT 2004

Thank you for your answer (again!). I am not using the 350's output (you 
said something about its output quality not really being better than the 
nvidia's, so I just stuck to that (as a comment to your great docu, you 
could put the "350 output" remarks in a box or something, so that it is 
clear where the start and end - this was a problem sometimes, because I 
interpreted a line as being "350 output" only, just to run in a few 
problems, because it wasn't).

PiP is working now (it takes ages to appear), but it isn't really 
usable, because ist plays about 5s, then pauses (it seems it runs out of 
buffer, or something) and plays againg for 5s after about another 5s. 
Both cards show this "feature" (it doesn't matter whether I run the 350 
in the small picture or the 250).

Any suggestions?

Jarod Wilson wrote:

>>I can switch between the two tuners 
>>using the "y" key, when watching live TV, but pressing "v" does not
>>result in anything. There are no error messages what so ever (I am
>>running the backend with the -v switch) so I don't know how to debug this.
>>Could someone please help me with the problem described and maybe tell
>>me how I can debug problems by my own. This would really help a lot (duh).
>I seem to recall someone saying that PiP doesn't work on the 350's output (I 
>don't think I ever tried on mine), which makes sense, since it does hardware 
>mpeg2 decoding, and isn't designed to decode two streams simultaneously (I 

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