[mythtv-users] Recording every part of a TV series

Schlomo Schapiro ivtv at schlomo.schapiro.org
Sun Sep 19 04:50:56 EDT 2004


that would be nice, at least for a starting reference.


On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Eric Lennon Bowman wrote:

> Schlomo Schapiro wrote:
> >  I also find that quite annoying, but the problem lies with the source
> >  website that xmltv_de uses (tvtoday). I was already thinking of
> >  patching the xmltv script to put this "X. Teil" stuff into the
> >  subtitle field. This would make series appear as one series with many
> >  episodes and not as many differents shows ...
> You could use a perl script and DBI to clean up your database after 
> mythfilldatabase runs.  It's not so hard.
> I've ended up ditching mythfilldatabase entirely...I wrote my own in 
> Perl.  I'm happy to share if you're interested.  I do my own cleaning of 
> titles, to fix just this sort of problem.


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