[mythtv-users] Hardware requirements, controlers, remotes, and streaming music

Gabriel Sechan gsechan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 03:07:36 EDT 2004

I'm looking to build a MythTV box to get rid of some of the excess
electronics aound my house.  Currently, I have 3 PCs (1 linux
fileserver/gateway, 1 linux box, 1 windows gaming box).  I'd like to
combine the two linux boxes and get rid of my DVD  player and VCR at
the  same time.  What kind of hardware specs would I need to have my
MythTV box be able to:

1)Handle at least 2 encodings at once (with live TV at the same time
2)Act as a fileserver (ftp and samba).  This will be a low use
fileserver, only for my PCs
3)Be the gateway for my network
4)I'd like to be able to use it as a linux PC when not encoding. 
Bonus if its still usable while handling 1-2 streams.

Assume that I'm willing to shell out decent money on this- not
thousands, but its not a shoesstring budget either.

In addition, I know MythTV handles music files.  Can it do streaming
music off the web?  If so- is there some way for it to also handle air
based radio?  I know that would mean special hardware, but I'd love to
get rid of my stereo system at the same time.  Super bonus points if I
could save the mp3s of the streaming media at sound boundaries.

For its emulation, is controller support decent?  I've never used a
controller under linux.

Is there any way to use a remote control with this?  Or is a remote
basicly a wireless keyboard?

Any answers to these questions and advice on what type of hardware I'd
need (especially for video cards and capture cards) is appreciated).


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