[mythtv-users] MythVideo 0.16 problems....

Don Cramer don at donstoys.com
Sun Sep 19 03:06:15 EDT 2004

Upgraded to the latest version of myth the day it was released, for the most part is is great with the exception of a few things that I can not seem to resolve.

MythVideo 0.16.....

I have alot of avi movies that are split over two files (video_cd1.avi and video_cd2.avi for example). In mythvideo 15 I set cd1 to play cd2 next and would set cd2 "Include while Browsing" unchecked so it would not show up in the video browser. Worked flawlessly.

In mythvideo 16 when browsing the videos using the new gallery or old browsing.. I see both cd1 and cd2 (even though all cd2's are unchecked for "Include while Browsing" and should not show).. Also, for all cd1's i have them set to play cd2 when cd1 is done (which worked great in 15), now when cd1 is done playing instead of playing the next file it restarts cd1 from the beginning.

The same thing happens with videos that were added when i used mythvideo 15 and for new movies added while using 16 version of mythvideo.

Anyone else experiencing this issue or have any suggestions?


Don Cramer

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