[mythtv-users] Problem with new version of X

Jeff Morrow jmorrow at jmorrow.org
Sat Sep 18 20:07:50 EDT 2004

I'm running debian unstable, which had a big X windows upgrade a while 
back.  Since then mythtv isn't working right.  When I try to watch live 
TV or watch recordings, I get audio and a blank screen. The log gives 
lots of "Waiting for space on soundcard" messages.

I know audio works fine because I've been happily listening to my CDs 
with mythmusic.  I know video works because when I page through my 
recorded programs I can see the "thumbnail" video, even for programs 
that have been recorded since things stopped working.  I can even get 
live video feed with xawtv.

I've tried both the apt-gettable version and a cvs version from a few 
days ago.  The behavior is the same for both.  Any ideas?  Thanks alot.

Jeff Morrow

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