[mythtv-users] Fresh FC2 install

Graham W. Mitchell gmitch at woodlea.com
Sat Sep 18 18:00:43 EDT 2004

I am running thru Jarods guide, and I have got to the part of creating
the empty database... I get the following error.... Installation is via



[mythtv at alice2 mythtv]$ mysql -u root -p <

Enter password: 

ERROR 1064 at line 4: You have an error in your SQL syntax near
'TEMPORARY TABLES ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv at localhost IDENTIFIED BY
"mythtv"' at line 1

[mythtv at alice2 mythtv]$ vi /usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.16/database/mc.sql


Which version of SQL should be installed? I can't seem to see anything
on the mythtv website recommending a pre-requisite version. Looking thru
my RPMs, I have the following installed...


[root at alice2 root]# rpm -qa | grep sql







Does anyone have any suggestions where I can look next? I've seen a
couple of messages in the archive with similar problems, but I've not
found a resolution posted for them.




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