[mythtv-users] integrated motherboards

Bela Lubkin filbo at armory.com
Sat Sep 18 05:27:01 EDT 2004

Christopher Flynn wrote:

> I've been looking to build a HTPC and I finally decided on the Ahanix
> D5 case which accepts ATX or microATX form factor motherboards.
> Originally I was figuring on going with a microATX but now that I can
> go ATX it gives me more options. Unfortunately the hardware database
> does not list what motherboard people are using. I'm trying to not go
> too expensive and the processor doesn't need to be that great because
> I've decided on the PVR-250 but now I'm trying to find a decent
> motherboard.
> I'd like to integrate as much as I can so it leaves a lot of options
> for expansion. (Like to add more capture cards or maybe even at some
> point an HDTV card) but I figure going to my TV I don't need a great
> video card, just something with a TV-out maybe. Since this will be a
> dedicated MythTV box I was figuring on going with a 1.8Ghz Duron since
> that seems to be in the right price range and should be quite capable.
> So what inexpensive motherboards are you using and are you happy with
> it?
> It seems most of the ATX boards don't have integrated video so if I
> want to go that route I'd have to go microATX. Also I'd kindof like
> S/PDIF out to get 5.1 Surround sound and of course integrated
> ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet would be nice but I don't have it. Anyone
> have any suggestions? It seems like a popular chipset with these
> options is the nVidia one.

I was on a similar path, but eventually opted for the microATX form
factor.  Before that was decided, I had my eye on the MSI K7N2G-ILSR:


It has everything you mention except gigabit ethernet; plus 1394 and

Unfortunately it seems to be nearly off the market.  The replacement is
K7N2-Delta-ILSR, similar specs but omits the onboard VGA + TV-out.

Search the list for recent discussions about microATX nForce2 IGP


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