[mythtv-users] Odd PVR-350 FC2 Error: /dev/video0 Input/output Error

vasudeva vasudeva at megarad.com
Fri Sep 17 18:07:25 EDT 2004

* on 09-17-04, vasudeva wrote:
> * on 09-17-04, John Harvey wrote:
> > This may be that version of ivtv. I had similar
> > problems with versions around that age, several from
> > 108-109f gave me this error. I went back to 106y which
> > worked fine but you would need to use ivtvdev_drv.o
> > from that release. You may well find newer versions
> > work better. It would be worth trying the latest 110f
> > build.
> I tried 106y.  That didn't work, so I tried 110i.  No dice.  Same
> exact error.

In light of these errors, does it make sense to try a different
version of MythTV itself?  Or even Fedora Core 1?  I'm at wit's end.


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