[mythtv-users] Got mythgame working (was: Still can't get mythgame working)

Adam Felson adamf123us at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 12:28:59 EDT 2004

On Sep 16, 2004, 10:20 PM, ijr at po posted:
> On Friday 17 September 2004 12:20 am, Adam Felson wrote: 
> > I've read all the faqs; 
all out of date
> > 
> > I've installed xmame-base and xmame-sdl version 0.77 
> > mythgame still prints the error "xmame version not supported" 
> > Is the version checking code broken? 

>No, it's working correctly. Your version is too old to be supported.


OK!  I was under the impression that the version I was running might
have been too new.  There was a thread about version .84 not being
supported, that anything newer than version .036 would run, but I
guess 0.84 is now supported and all versions older than that aren't.

I downloaded the sources for xmame .86 and it seems to work.

Perhaps a single line in the mythgame README mentioning what versions
of xmame are supported is in order.

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