[mythtv-users] Resolution/Picture position issues

Dave Meador dave at meadorsite.com
Thu Sep 16 20:17:29 EDT 2004

Yes, I have dealt with this problem before... mainly when switching video
output cards or X resolutions.

> While watching live tv, recordings, etc., the picture I get (WRT to the
> screen edges is fine, AFAICT), but, in setup, the edges of the screen
> (all sides) are cut off, so i can't see the state of some the check
> boxes on the far left edge of the screen.  Anybody have an idea as to
> how I can fix that?  Thanks! :)

Basically you need to change the screen size and offset values.
In the Setup menu, select "Appearance", go forward a couple pages (press
"enter" on your keyboard) until you see a menu that shows you the screen
width, height, x offset and y offset.

Try setting it to something like:

screen width:  600 (** you may need to decrease this value slightly **)
screen height: 400 (leave your current value alone)
x offset:      40 (*** increase this value to move more to the right ***)
y offset:      40 (leave your current value alone)

You may need to shrink you Screen Width value because moving it left may
push the right side off the screen, so you would need to reduce the width by
a similar amount that was increased on the x-offset.

Save your settings, and you will see the images re-scaling progress bars.
That's good.  

Then use trial and error to expand the screen values to your desired size.  

Hope that helps,

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