[mythtv-users] Slight error in MythWeb?

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 16:35:07 EDT 2004

Oh dear, I sound like a complete moaning minnie today!

Finally got apache back up and running (grrr) and have just reconfigured 
all my old symlinks, etc.

Noticed that the ones in video.php didn't point at the correct symlink; 
they were using the variable videos_url instead of video_url

Fixed by simply changing

define('video_url', videos);


define('videos_url', videos);

in ..mythweb/config/conf.php (assuming you have a symlink "videos" in your 
..mythweb dir pointing at your MythVideo directory)

Anyone else notice this? Should I file a bug report, or is it just another 
craptacular error on my part?

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