[mythtv-users] What's changed in MythVideo / MPlayer?

Julian Edwards ed at julian-edwards.com
Wed Sep 15 17:12:11 EDT 2004

Phil Bridges wrote:

>After upgrading to MythTV 0.16 (using Axel's RPMs), I suddenly have no AC3
>content in my AC3-encoded AVIs.  Everything is mixed back down to
>two-channel stereo.
>My mplayer config file reads (thanks, Jarod):
># run full-screen
># zoom image to fill the screen
># disable mplayer's usual verbosity
># use XVideo for video output
># don't enable joystick
># use alsa for audio out, through spdif
># if ac3 audio, send raw stream to my amp, else fall back
>Looking at the verbose mode, it seems to think that there's no AC3 audio
>in the file, after finding it in the stream.  I can post parts of the
>verbose output this evening if that would be helpful.
>Any suggestions?

You need ao=alsa:mmap as the mplayer devs saw fit to change the options, 

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