[mythtv-users] SUSE 9.0 and 9.1 rpms.

Greg greg.d at cwgsy.net
Wed Sep 15 15:58:39 EDT 2004

> I finally have a set of rpms for SUSE 9.0 and SUSE 9.1:
> http://folk.uio.no/oeysteio/apt/suse/
> Short instructions on how to install and rebuild the packages:
> http://folk.uio.no/oeysteio/mythtv.html
> Different rebuild options are also documented. Thomas Börkel 
> <thomas at removed.to.avoid.spam> compiled the SUSE 9.0 packages 
> with help from me.

Excellent, thankyou Oystein. Also big thanks to the developers.

Oystein, how about putting a link to your rpm on the binary downloads page
at the mythtv site?
It will let people who are just discovering myth know there is a SUSE option


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