[mythtv-users] mythtv segfault when exiting live tv

Doug Larrick dougl at charter.net
Wed Sep 15 07:22:15 EDT 2004

Jason E Jenkins wrote:
> Hello all,
>  I just installed 0.16 and I think most of the plugins and all work;
> however, when exiting live tv mythfrontend dies and segfaults without
> any errors that I can tell in the /var/logs or logs in mysql.  While
> watching live tv I can change channels all day long and it works fine,
> but when I exit live tv it drops back to the console window I ran
> mythfrontend from with a segfault.  

If you're running with OpenGL video sync, make sure you're up to date on 
nVidia driver version... 6111 works fine; some previous versions 
exhibited this problem.

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