[mythtv-users] segfault when entering Program guide

Kristian Eide kreide at online.no
Wed Sep 15 06:59:12 EDT 2004

> I had the same problem yesterday; I eventually found out, that the
> "mythfilldatabase --manual" is best done as root since running it
> as the mythtv-user didn't register channel information in the database.
Actually I'm already running it as root to avoid such problems, and the 
program data is saved in the database just fine. I can schedule recordings 
using the program list (view by letter) and also get the program info while 
watching live TV. It's just the program guide that is not working, it's a bit 
frustrating since I'm so close to having a working Mythtv setup!
I also have the problem of the picture freezing when going from live tv to 
record mode, however, (and no dialog box, mythfrontend just freezes 
completely), the program guide is the most annoying problem.

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