[mythtv-users] Start X and mythfrontend on boot

Eric Thelin eric.thelin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 22:52:25 EDT 2004

I just rebuilt my mythtv box and changed distributiions from gentoo to
fedora core 2.  I followed Jarod's howto and everything works.  But I
am not very happy with the gdm method of autologin.  My problem is
that if mythfrontend crashs or I restart X I get a login prompt.  I
want to simply login as a non-root user and start mythtv everytime X
starts.  I had this working previously by putting a script in
/etc/inittab that did a su to the user and then ran startx (with stdin
and stdout redirect from ttys).  This worked great.  But on FC2 I just
get an error message about no privileges to open a console or
something like that.  And a non-root user can't even run startx.  I
assume this is some new security feature but I don't like it.  So are
there any other ways to start x that will work with permissions better
or does anyone know what permissions I need to grant to be able to
start X as a user?


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