[mythtv-users] Mass delete and mass forget old recordings

John Gruenenfelder johng at as.arizona.edu
Tue Sep 14 15:32:48 EDT 2004

I have recorded quite a number of shows which I now wish to delete.  I plan to
re-record them and transcode them external to Myth (perhaps with some very
time consuming 2 pass method).  Currently, many of the recorded shows have
been transcoded by Myth directly, but because of NUV container issues
discussed elsewhere, it's hard to play back with other software.

So I have two cases:

1) A program group with about 60 shows which need to be deleted.  Because I
   want to record these again, I also have to clear the "saved knowledge" that
   Myth has about what it has previously recorded.

2) A program group where I've already cleared out the shows, but now need to
   erase that stored knowledge.

Obviously, I can select each one separately, but this will take a long long

I fully suspect the answer is some database operations, but I know little
enough SQL that a fairly specific answer (i.e. "Use this query:") would be
most helpful.  Thanks!

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