[mythtv-users] bitrates

Jay Lyerly jayl at sonicbunny.org
Mon Sep 13 13:25:12 EDT 2004

Just getting into mythtv, coming from directivo.  Everything's working 
pretty well (dual pvr-250 with D10 sat boxes & serial controls).  I've 
been testing things out using a workstation as a client (with a real 
monitor).  Obviously, this accentuates any problem with image quality 
that I might not see on a regular TV.  Should I be worried about the 
quality?  During some high motion recording, I see significant MPEG 
artifacts.  What bitrate does MythTV use?  I know I can set it manually 
on the card before starting the backend, but does the backend adjust 
that value?  I've got copious disk space, so I'm welling to sacrifice 
storage for high quality images.


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