[mythtv-users] OT: Home Theater wiring questions

John Sturgeon john at sturgeonfamily.com
Mon Sep 13 13:16:30 EDT 2004

James Pifer wrote:

>Anyone here know home theater wiring really well and wouldn't mind
>giving their opinion on a few questions? Please DO NOT reply to the
>list. If you're willing, please reply to me directly at
>jep at obrien-pifer.com. Sorry to the list for the OT, but not sure where
>else to ask and this list if full of home theater nuts!
>I'm building an addition on my house and one of the rooms is for my home
>theater, including the main component: MythTV. I have the chance to run
>the cabling through the walls, ie cable wire and speaker cable. 
>For speakers I'm going to run wiring and have faceplates setup for at
>least 6.1 sound (maybe 7.1?). I'm trying to figure out what speaker
>cable to buy. I was thinking Monster speaker wire, but I don't just want
>to dump a lot of money into a name. I found this searching on ebay and
>wondering if I could get any opinions based on the descriptions:
>Other recommendations?
>I'm also going to run some Cable TV wire and looking for the same
>opinions. I found this from the same ebay seller:
>Other recommendations?
>Lastly, I'm interested in suggestions for what to use for the faceplates
>if anyone has some experience with it. I'd like to try and do this right
>while I have the chance. 
>Thanks a lot. 
Sorry for the late reply James, but a couple thoughts:
1) PacifiCable.com for any and all cable needs.  Great people, great 
prices, and high-quality products (they do custom lengths as well).
2) If you have a chance, think about future proofing your cable run by 
supplying conduit.  Not always possible, but if you can do it, it will 
make running more/different cable later easier.
3) Run Cat 5... In addition to the obvious reasons, this will *probably* 
be what carries your video/audio in the future.

Good Luck,

John Sturgeon <><

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