[mythtv-users] Re: Asus Pundit with onboard SiS

Donald Webster fryfrog at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 10:12:01 EDT 2004

I really hope I am doing this right... never used a mailing list and I
saw this question on the web based archive of it.

I suspect that what you are seeing is the switch over from the first
layer to the second layer on a 9GB dvd.  It would probably happen
about 1 hour into the movie, and only once.  If you pay attention, you
can catch this even on a real dvd player hooked to a tv.  It is a
very, very minute "pause" that most people just don't notice.  The DVD
reads layer 1 from the inside -> outside, then switches to layer 2 and
reads from the outside -> inside.  I bet if you were to rip that dvd
and watch it, you would not see a pause since of course its on the HD
and not changing layers on a dvd reader.

You would not normally see this on a burned, 4GB (compressed) dvd
because they only have 1 layer.  This would (for example) be a home
made dvd OR a hollywood dvd that was archived and compressed.  That
being said, there are now dual layer burners out... so perhaps you
would see the pause on one of those discs :)

I'm looking for other users who have the Asus Pundit with SiS onboard. 
I'm specifically checking for anyone who has this hooked up via DVI-I 
and is using the Xv for playback of DVDs or TV. 

I've been seeing an occasional video jump during fullscreen playback of 
hollywood DVDs (not copies) from both mplayer and xine. This is not 
MythTV related as I can replicate the problem when MythTV is not 
running. I know the Asus Pundit is fairly popular on the list so I'm 
checking to see if others have a setup similar to mine. The problem is 
the kind of thing that happens once or twice during the viewing of a 
2hr movie. The sound does not stutter or loose sync and it's the kind 
of visual effect you might think was caused by a scratch on the DVD or 
possibly bad reception. 

Anyone running the Pundit with onboard SiS and using the DVI-I output? 


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