[mythtv-users] Setting up capture cards and snd-bt87x

Richard Baker kingofthecounty at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 13 11:28:38 EDT 2004

O/S Spec:  Fedora Core 2
Capture Cards: ATI TV Wonder, Zoltrix Genie TV/FM
Sound: Sound Blaster 5.1 Value

I am trying to get two capture cards setup.

The cards work, getting good video from both (and
sound when using audio cables).

I am trying to figure out how to setup the audio for
both cards without having to use audio cables and/or
two sound cards.  I have tried to setup the snd-bt87x
module, which I've read should take care of the audio
from Brooktree capture cards, I can't get it working
though.  Couldn't piece together anything the posts

Has anyone been able to get this module working? 
Could you please post a sample of the modprobe.conf,
or what you think it should look like?

Thank you.

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