[mythtv-users] tv resolution

Stephen Atkins atkinss at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 12 15:37:12 EDT 2004

Hello all.  I've been happy with my setup so I've been a bit shy about 
changing much.  But now that work has slowed down for a few weeks I'm 
looking at tweaking my system a bit more.  I've got a PVR-250 with a 
NVidia 5200 with the 6111 drivers from NVidia.  My problem is that the 
pvr is capturing at 720x480 and every 30 seconds or so there is a flash 
of a frame that doesn't belong.  I'm using the ivtv-0.1.9-r3 (Gentoo 
packages).  I'm trying to get picture quality as perfect as I can.  
Could some one send me or post to the list their XF86Config file and the 
version of the drivers that you are using.  I'm also dealing with some 
blurryness when the camera pans.

atkinss at shaw dot ca

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