[mythtv-users] MythMusic doesn't display ogg tags

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Sat Sep 11 13:25:33 EDT 2004

I've just re-done half of my music collection and ha da severe fiddle about 
with mythmusic's options to try and get around this problem I seem to be 
having with all of my ogg vorbis files.

Most of them have been ripped under windows using CDex, there are a few in 
there that have also been done with GRIP and abcde, and as far as I can 
tell all seem to suffer from the same problem.

When I come to play them, all the tagging information seems to go by 
unnoticed, in that the playback will display something like this:

/home/mythtv/music/Drum 'n' Bass 'n' Breaks... [goes offscreen]

DJ Food
A Recipe for Disaster [1995]

160kbps	44.1KHz	2ch

It seems that MythMusic isn't reading any of the tags, since it's grabbing 
the album name from the directory information (the album name in the ogg 
tag is just A Recipe for Disaster, without the [1995] bit). All the files 
have valid ogg tags which seem to display fine in every other sound app I 
have (I've also deleted and rebuilt the tags several times using different 
tagging apps). MP3 files with ID3v1/2 tags display perfectly. I've tried 
altering the general settings between "directory" and "genre artist album 
title", and the filename format is "GENRE/ARTIST/ALBUM/TRACK - ARTIST - 
TITLE - ALBUM" (to use the above example, the full path to this particular 
file is /home/mythtv/music/Drum 'n' Bass 'n' Breaks/DJ Food/A Recipe for 
Disaster [1995]/01 - DJ Food - Dark River - A Recipe for Disaster.ogg and 
so on and so forth for the rest of my collection). The music share is a 
read-only NFS job mounted on /home/mythtv/music from my file server.

Does anyone have any idea what's gone wrong and how I can be able to view 
my files properly?

Thanks for any info!

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