[mythtv-users] Distro roulette... (slight OT)

mark fairlane at springcom.com
Sat Sep 11 09:33:03 EDT 2004

Ack, I'd forgotten about Gentoo.  But it seems to me that you still need
the 'emerge' packaging scheme?  I've not used it, so I'm not sure about that.
Does it still allow the oldschool make, make install routine?

On Saturday 11 September 2004 08:31 am, Stephen Tait wrote:
> At 07:53 11/09/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >I've decided to ditch Mandrake and it's dependency hell and modifications.
> >I'm looking for a distro that uses primarily source code, and
> >not dependent on packages.  I'm fairly comfortable compiling
> >from tar.gz source, and would like to stay with that.
> >
> >Some I've found:
> >Slackware 10.0
> >Sorcerer
> >Lunar Linux
> >Arch Linux
> >
> >Does anyone have any experience with these?  With an eye for Mythtv 0.16?
> >I'm doing a fresh install of everything to try and solve a crashing
> > problem that nobody can pin down.  It's not hardware, I've been through
> > that.
> >
> >I don't want to reinstall Mandrake because of the issues I had updating
> >to code that wasn't 'officially supported' in cooker.  And the LIRC
> > compile was miserable too.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Mark
> I'd second the gentoo option. There's a fair few comprehensive guides on
> getting Myth up and running, and your USE flags make it very easy to make a
> very lightweight system that is sometimes hard to achieve with prebuilt
> binaries. My system pretty much just has X, Qt, fluxbox, xine, samba and
> apache on it, no KDE or GNOME or anything else so similarly huge.

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