[mythtv-users] Distro roulette... (slight OT)

mark fairlane at springcom.com
Sat Sep 11 07:53:20 EDT 2004

I've decided to ditch Mandrake and it's dependency hell and modifications.
I'm looking for a distro that uses primarily source code, and
not dependent on packages.  I'm fairly comfortable compiling
from tar.gz source, and would like to stay with that.

Some I've found:  
Slackware 10.0
Lunar Linux
Arch Linux

Does anyone have any experience with these?  With an eye for Mythtv 0.16?
I'm doing a fresh install of everything to try and solve a crashing problem 
that nobody can pin down.  It's not hardware, I've been through that.

I don't want to reinstall Mandrake because of the issues I had updating 
to code that wasn't 'officially supported' in cooker.  And the LIRC compile
was miserable too.


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