[mythtv-users] Feature request Internal player

Richard Naninck richard.naninck at home.nl
Sat Sep 11 07:19:30 EDT 2004

I like the idea about an internel video player and expirimented with it. I
put "Internal" in stead of "MPlayer + options" in the movie settings page. I
see that the internal player is still under construction. Would it be simple
to put a checkmark box on the movie settings page in which you can set if
you want the internal player or not. If checked, you would get the internal
player and the command line for mplayer would be greyed out. If not checked,
the command line would become active and mplayer would be used again. That
way it is easy to switch between the internal player and the external

Qustion: Does digital audio (5.1 or so) work with the internal player? Maybe
I missed some settings for that. Also some files don't play at all, others
are very slow and some play fine. I like the controls being the same as from
the TV player, so if the internal player could do what mplayer does with
audio etc, I would certainly switch!
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