[mythtv-users] CVS UI Questions

Donavan Stanley GeckoFiend at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 15:59:13 EDT 2004

On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 13:54:48 -0500, Nathan Ziarek <nziarek at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I'm a little baffled how you find them counter-intuitive?  Everything
> > is grouped into functional categories.
> Well, I don't think the current system is functional, I think it is
> logical. It is defined by medium instead of by activity. I have never
> and will never sit down with a disc and pop it in, not caring what is
> on it (music, movie, data, who cares?) I will sit down and want to
> watch a movie.

That's a bit of a red-herring.  If you stick a disk in the drive Myth
takes you to the right place for it if you enable the media monitor. 
Otherwise, why clutter up screen space with menus options that are
hardly used?

> just to finish off: I appreciate that you are willing to spend your
> time working on this project, and I appreciate that you've given the
> UI half a thought. I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or your
> work. But, I think you need to be less defensive. Maybe your idea is
> the greatest and I just don't see it. I can accept that, but telling
> me "It just so happens that the menu layout *I* liked struck a cord
> with a
> lot of people, including the project lead" is not conducive to
> discussion, instead being very "I'm right, you're wrong."

*sigh* once again here we go.  I'm not being defensive, I'm nobeing
mean, hell I'm not even emotionaly involved in any way.  I tried to
explain things do you, I tried to offer suggestions for how you could
rectify things for yourself and others that felt the same way.

As I said before no one menu layout is going to make everyone happy. 
Prior to my creating AltMenus and adding menu themes there was ONE
choice for menus.  Now there are two, and anyone who wants can easily
create their own menus and share them with others I fail to see how
this is a bad thing.

I KNOW the menus I made aren't going to please everyone but if you
don't like them you can easily go back to the old ones.  If you don't
like those you can make your own theme (or download someone elses). 
If none of those options appeal to you then you're simply out of luck.

> Isaac is a smart guy and he'll go with what he likes. I have no
> programming ability at all, so I'll go with what's there. I've said it
> before, I'll say it again, I am just trying to facilitate discussion
> about it.

It doesn't take any programming skill at all to create menus.  Just a
simple text editor and the ability to cut and paste.   So I'll say it
again, implement your idea and gather feedback.  If enough folks like
it, theres a chance it can be put into CVS as a menu theme.  If Isaac
likes it enough he can make it the default and return the new menus to
their status as alternate menus.

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