[mythtv-users] Max Number of Recordings Broken in Mythweb?

Jake Sanders mythtv at sanders-family.us
Fri Sep 10 07:12:28 EDT 2004

It appears that when modifying the Recording Options for a show, the "No of
recordings to keep?" field doesn't get updated in the database if changed
via MythWeb.  I can change it using mythfrontend, and that seems to work

If it makes a difference, I am specifically trying to change the value from
0 to 1.  I am checking "Record new and expire old".  I think I want
"Auto-expire Recordings?" to be unchecked, but I've tried it both ways.

I'm using CVS downloaded tonight (9/9/2004), but this was also happening
before my latest update.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is this a known bug?


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