[mythtv-users] Timeslot scheduling bug?

Cedric Tefft cedric at phreaker.net
Fri Sep 10 05:53:07 EDT 2004

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> From the 0.16 "What's New" ( http://www.mythtv.info/moin.cgi/WhatsNew ):
> New Episodes Only Recording
> Myth .16 will support recording of new episodes only, with a window 
> (default of 14 days) for a show to be reshown (and thus allowing the 
> scheduler to juggle shows around). This is of course highly data 
> source dependant. If your grabber doesn't supply enough info, you 
> can't make use of this. 

Great idea.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me (maybe a 
bug?)  Stargate SG-1, Episode "Sacrifices", MythWeb is showing the 
Original airdate as "2004-09-10" (which I believe shows I'm getting the 
necessary information from the grabber), and the prog. guide shows two 
airtimes tomorrow night (er, well technically later today): Friday, 
September 10, 2004 at 9 PM and 11 PM, however both airtimes appear in 
"Upcoming Recordings" as greyed-out: "Channel Recording - Repeat".  Next 
week's new episode "End Game" is also not scheduled.

- Cedric

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