[mythtv-users] Actisys 200L unresolved symbol errors

Shawn Asmussen asmussen at cox.net
Thu Sep 9 22:24:54 EDT 2004

> All,
> 	I just purchased a ACTISYS 200L IR blaster, in order to control
> my digital cable box.
> 	I followed Roberts guide at the following location
>              http://members.cox.net/rwraithr/IRBlaster_Howto.txt
> 	Everything seamed to go all right with the make/make install
> however when I tried to load /sbin/modprobe remote_sir I get the
> following error
> /sbin/modprobe remote_sir
> /lib/modules/2.4.22-1.2197.nptl_51.rhfc1.at/misc/remote_dev.o:
> unresolved symbol __wake_up
> /lib/modules/2.4.22-1.2197.nptl_51.rhfc1.at/misc/remote_dev.o: insmod
> /lib/modules/2.4.22-1.2197.nptl_51.rhfc1.at/misc/remote_dev.o failed
> /lib/modules/2.4.22-1.2197.nptl_51.rhfc1.at/misc/remote_dev.o: insmod
> remote_sir failed
> 	Can someone tell me how to fix the unresolved symbol errors? Or
> better yet what I did wrong (if anything)
> Thanks
> Dave

I'm not 100% sure, but I'd say that it is likely that your kernel source
directory was not properly configured for the kernel that you are running.
Try this from the /lib/modules/<YOUR KERNEL HERE>/ directory:

# nm misc/remote_dev.o | grep __wake_up
         U __wake_up_Rsmp_127fda83
# nm kernel/drivers/scsi/scsi_mod.o | grep __wake_up
         U __wake_up_Rsmp_127fda83

I don't completely understand the scheme, but most of the symbols in the
kernel are named so that the way the kernel was configured are represented
in the symbol names. For example, from the smp in the symbol names above,
you can tell that I'm running an smp kernel. Since the two symbol names
match exactly, you can tell that they were probably built from the same
(Or at least a similar) kernel configuration. If you try those two
commands, and they don't show the same symbol names on your system, then I
would imagine that is what your problem is. Make sure that the kernel
source package you have installed matches the kernel that you are using,
and make sure that the source directory has been properly setup with the
proper .config file (Which should be available from the configs directory
underneath the top level of the kernel source directory.), and the 'make
dep' is done.

P.S. I just picked scsi_mod.o at random to do the comparison on. The
__wake_up symbol appears in many of the standard kernel modules. You could
also compare any of the other symbols to another module that has that
particular symbol. I just picked the first one from the list.

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