[mythtv-users] Record with two tuners, play to two clients

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Wed Sep 8 07:04:55 EDT 2004

Hi David,

David Levine wrote:

> Can one server do this?  Record two streams and play two streams at
> once?  Is hard drive speed a factor?  Would an XBox be an acceptable
> client machine?

One server can do it fine. The XBox also makes a good front end only 
unit. If you do go the XBox route, try to get an older version rather 
than the latest 1.6 model. You can figure out the version using the date 
of manufacturer visible through the window in the box.

> Also, if I set up a 802.11g network (right now I'm using "b"), would
> it have enough bandwidth to not actually need to physically wire the
> clients to the server?

This tends to be problematic and results in a stutter quite often. The 
available bandwidth seems to be an ever changing thing and will *always* 
be out performed by a wired connection. If it is not too much trouble, 
run an Ethernet cable to where you want to use the front end.


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