[mythtv-users] Just about there with Actisys IR200 and DigitalCable

Cory Drinkwater cdrinkwa at bctree.com
Tue Sep 7 18:14:23 EDT 2004

> > Hi All...
> >
> > I am on the verge of pulling out the rest of my hair with this silly
> > QDateTime issue. I have no problems running the channel_change script
> > the terminal window, but still no go from within Myth. Any of the
> > before me who have the IR working with Myth have ANY trouble along these
> > lines? Or at least somewhere a guy can look to troubleshoot? Environment
> > variables? Planet alignment? You name it - I'll look... Thanks a bunch!!
> >
> > Cheers!
> >
> > Cory
> >
> I see you're using channel_change.csh (from the Howto?) for your channel
> change script. Have you tried just using the change-channel-lirc.pl script
> from the contrib directory in mythtv-0.15.1? I think it's pretty close to
> the perl script from the FAQ, but you don't actually need to use the
> c-shell script as a wrapper. I'm not sure why it is setup that way in the
> FAQ. Maybe it needed to be done that way at some point in the past, but it
> doesn't need to be run that way at this point. Just checking, but when you
> successfully run it from a terminal window, you are doing it as the same
> user that the mythbackend runs as, right?
> As a diagnostic, you could try replacing the channel_change script with a
> script that logs how it was called to make sure that mythtv is calling the
> script correctly. Something like this should work:
> #!/bin/sh
> echo $0 $* >> /tmp/troubleshoot.log
> env >> /tmp/troubleshoot.log
> Then you could try to change channels a couple of times, and see what the
> log file looks like. After that you can see how the script is being
> called, and also compare the environmental variables to how they look when
> you're running from a terminal window to see if there might be any
> differences that could be affecting it.
> Shawn Asmussen
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Yuppers, I am using the "csh-wrapped-pl" script from the HowTo. I am running
it as my mythtv user in all instances, so that is not the trouble. I will
give the change-channel-lirc.pl script a look when I get back in front of my
Myth Box, but I seem to recall them being very similar. No matter, it is
something else to try. I will also try and trap some log messages with the
pseudo-script to see if the output make any sense as well. Will let you know
how I make out!



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