[mythtv-users] mythmusic metadata update problem

myth at fsck.ch myth at fsck.ch
Tue Sep 7 03:35:28 EDT 2004


i am using mythtv 0.15.1 and stumbled over the following problem. for
one album that was already in mythmusic, i changed the genre to
something else. but after a metadata update ("scan for new music" i
think the button is called), the genre was not updated.

is this a known bug or fixed in cvs? i realize that it's quite
time-consuming to rescan every file for changes, instead of just finding
new ones and removing deleted ones. maybe two options (quick scan and
thorrough scan) would handle this situation?

the problem i have is that i already changed tag info on quite a few
files, and also rated a lot. so i can't just remove the metadata for the
files i changed, because i don't know which ones those are anymore. and
i can't just wipe the whole metadata info because i will lose my ratings.
any easy way out of this?

thanks, t.

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