[mythtv-users] More FC2 MythTV problems...

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Mon Sep 6 19:46:39 EDT 2004

On Monday 06 September 2004 15:57, 1canuck2 wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, there is Progress!
> It now plays live TV without crashing, but no picture, just audio. I had
> spazzed on the mythtvsetup step and had selected vl card instead of
> PVR-x50.
> So, I reran mythtvsetup and changed this, reinitialized with a new
> mythfilldatabase and it still wouldn't work.

Did you also restart the backend for good measure? Could help, not sure.

> Then I chgecked perms on /dev/video0. Its ownership was mythtv/root, but
> its perms were 600. So I chmod'ed to 660 and tried again. I now get audio
> but no video.

600 was sufficient. Root can read everything, regardless of permissions.

> MythTV seems to "minimize" to a little icon in the top left 
> corner and I hear just the live TV audio. If I Alt+TAB to make MythTV the
> active application the remote works (pause, rewind, etc) but there is no
> video display.

Could be something haywire with your recording profiles, I dunno. Did you just 
adjust the card type when you started up mythtvsetup, or did you choose to 
clear all capture cards, then re-add it. Clear and re-add might be worth a 
try if you haven't already.

> Here's my questions: Why "Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'."? I followed
> Jarod's steps for Alsa audio, I would have thought it would report alsa not
> OSS, or is this normal?

It's normal. You're running OSS emulation through ALSA, because its easy and 
it just works. Easier configuration of native ALSA output is something in CVS 
right now, I believe.

> More improtantly, and perhaps related to my video problem, if I go
> to /video/buffer (the XFS partition where the nuv files are created) and do
> an ls -l, the "ringbuf4.nuv" file it created has owner and group as root
> not mythtv, which is not what I would expect.

The file is read and written by the backend and streamed to the frontend for 
playback. The backend is running as root, so root/root is normal on that 

> Have I missed a step when 
> getting the mythbackend to run?


> I checked it on in the Services panel, do I 
> need to tell it to run as mythtv instead of root?

No. It won't work, because /dev/video0 won't be read/write for the mythtv user 
until the user has logged in (see my other email in this thread re: 

> Also, I just had it schedule a recording and the file it is creating there
> is also owner/group of root.

Yup, that's normal too.

> I sure hope I am close to solving this, I truly appreciate the help from
> this community and am eager to show off my MythTV box to my geek friends
> (and perhaps win some converts...)

I'd try clearing all capture cards, then add the card back in. Make sure you 
go through all the sections of mythtvsetup and re-assign channel listings to 
your card's input(s).

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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