[mythtv-users] Capture Card... Suggestions?

Justin Hart justinhart at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 16:19:35 EDT 2004

I'm a soon to be graduate student looking to record some television
while I'm out so I can watch it at my convenience (and to catch adult
swim at an hour that allows me to wake up for early classes).

I'm using my old computer for the job, here's what's under the hood:
AMD 2100+
512 Megs DDR333
80 Gigs
On-board sound
CD Burner

I'd like to be able to record and watch live tv with pausing and
rewind and all that goodness.  I've never built a MythTV box before,
so I'm wondering what capture card will give me the most bang for my
buck and if I'll need more drive space.  Also wondering if I'll need
multiple capture cards to do the job.

Justin W. Hart

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